TARNATION! Sports T Shirt Model Erica

Tarnation Sports Model EricaErica, our very first TARNATION! Sports T-Shirt model comes to us from Florida, via Crimson Tide country. A “triple threat” —- model, makeup artist and photographer, she attended school at John Casablancas in New Orleans, and has modeled with Grey-Child, and for Glamour Shots promos, runway with designer Linda Dekay, and Open M.R.I promos. Ericas has also worked for Betsy Coxwell with beachviewportatraits, appeared on channel ten fox news in a Modeling promo for Kathleen Grey-Child, Harley Davidson Magazine, and more.



Tarnation Sports T Shirt Model Erica 2
So Erica, What’s your favorite sport and team?

I love football. My favorite team are the Florida State Seminoles. Can’t wait for the season to start!!!

photo: www.beachviewportraits.com


Neither can we!  And tell us a bit about your background. Are you a city girl or a country girl?

I grew up in a small country town in Alabama, so I was very country but I was also a bigger beach bum. I will always have that beach bum/ country in me. I just can’t live away from the beach;)



Interesting. An Alabama native transplanted to Florida who became an FSU fan. And how did you get started with modeling?

I was a little bit of a Tomboy, riding four wheelers, hunting and fishing, and at age thirteen, I discovered the world of boys and makeup. I then wanted to start modeling, so my parents put me in a modeling and career school in New Orleans. That’s when I decided I wanted to be a model. I started modeling at thirteen, and at sixteen my first job was as a makeup artist. I was able to be a licensed makeup artist because of the school my parents sent me to. Then I started getting behind the camera and loved it, but I really love being in front of it. I’m such a camera hog!! I love the art of creating a story in front of the camera.


Ok, triple threat, what are three things do you like to do in your spare time?

Well, not only do I like modeling, but my other passions are acrylic painting, the thrill of chasing storms, capturing the coolest storms with my camera, and of course, fishing and laying out getting my tan on;)

One of my natural highs is storm photography and of course obsessed with fashion, and making others beautiful including myself doing makeup. I just love the art of it all. Also playing softball, fishing, target practicing, four wheeling, hunting, archery, and of course playing in our crystal clear waves in my part of the world.


Here are some sweet pics Erica supplied us with… The first one she calls “the Man In The Clouds”. (Check out the upper right of the photo)

Erica 4

Erica 5











So how do you like modeling T Shirts for us at Tarnation Sports?

I am so stoked that I am involved with doing what I love, for the coolest tee shirt guys ever. I kinda act like a goofy kid in front of the camera. It’s something about the shirts that bring the fun out in me and best of all I get to do this in front of the camera. TARNATION! Sports rocks!!!! And I am lucky to be part of it.


Thanks, we are honestly humbled by your enthusiasm…:) So now we want to have some fun with you… What was your most embarrassing moment?

I was tubing with some “friends”, and when it was my turn, I put my life jacket on, laid down on the tube, and was pulled by a boat really quickly!!! When I got back on the boat I took my life jacket off and was wondering why everyone was silent and looking my way. I thought maybe I had a booger hanging out, but when I got back on deck (an hour later) my mother’s jaw dropped and pointed to my chest. How could I not notice I lost my top? And why didn’t anyone on the boat say something???


Yes, “if you see something, say something” (as they say)…:)
So what’s next for you in your modeling career?

I want to create my own magazine, sell my storm chasing prints, and my awesome paintings, ya know build my own brand!!! My goal is to be the next Betty White when I grow up mixed with a little Kardashian and a touch of Charlie Sheen!! Then I might consider retiring. But I really do love the market, it’s fun for me too:))

I have been chasing storms for about 15 years now. As soon as I hear of a storm coming my way, I’m put the door with my rubber boots and camera!!! In fact, a local news station in Florida just did a small segment on a picture I took that looked just like a man in the clouds. (see above) I love to photograph waterspouts, lightning, anything your mom told you not to play in. I get out on it and go for it.


That’s Storm Chasin’ Erica, folks. With tiger blood, Adonis DNA, Kardashian body and Betty White attitude! 🙂
One last question Erica, if you were a superhero, what would your super power be?

Well, If I could only have one, it would have to be to move things with my eyes, so next time I’m sitting in traffic I can just lift the cars and go!!! Plus it would make cleaning my house a lot easier:))


But what if you had lazy eye, huh? That would be difficult. A super power you couldn’t control? Well, now that we’ve gone down the “what if” chain to oblivion, we’ll wrap this baby up…

See Erica’s photos throughout our site, here at TARNATION! Sports.


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