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Salsa Football T Shirts!

Football t-shirts that make you wanna dance! Well, well, well, look who’s #1! What a run by the Jints in the 2012 football season. After another mediocre regular season, the G-men got hot at the right time, AGAIN! It’s tough to say which championship was sweeter…2007 or this one, but we’ll take ’em both, thank you.

From the midseason cries of “Fire Coughlin” to the “Elite Eli” fiasco, the boys in blue, their absolutely elite QB and their GREAT coach proved all their critics wrong by winning it all… again! Beating the Packers, 49ers and Patriots in succession meant the boys in blue did not have an easy run. They eaaaaarned it.

We loved Victor’s celebrations, as he became a symbol for this improbable championship season.

Next time your favorite Big Blue receiver scores, you’ll be able to enjoy it in style. This high quality shirt is perfect for tailgating, watching the game at your favorite watering hole, job interviews and all other formal occasions. People have been known to meet super models and/or beat up MMA champions while in this shirt.. who knows what it could do for you!

(Actual results may vary and there are no guarantees about the performance of this shirt… TAAAARNATION!)

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