The electrifying RG3 is THE man on this team!!! High quality 100% Cotton Football T Shirts.

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RG3 Football T Shirts!

The shirt that says it all for Skins fans. Robert Griffin III is a very hyped QB coming into his rookie year in Pro Football. The team has pinned their future onto his shoulders.

Timed at 4.41 in the 40 yard dash at the scouting combine, RG’s great athleticism can bring the Skins offense a dimension they haven’t seen since Joey Sunshine. Well, Joey was mobile, and a good scrambler but RGIII is something different entirely. He doesn’t just scramble, HE RUNS LIKE MIKE VICK IN HIS PRIME!

But that’s not all. He has amazing arm strength, and he can throw with surprisingly good touch. He seems to be the whole package, but then again, wasn’t Ryan Leaf supposed to be the whole package too?

The inital reviews at preseason camp is that he keeps a level head and is humble. That bodes well for the rookie.

Whether he turns into another Peyton Manning or Ryan leaf, only time will tell, but he’s LOOKIN’ GOOD so far!

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