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“Take it easy” has no meaning to this man. Polite, gracious and classy he is not. No-nonsense is a bit more appropriate.

We present no-nonsense hockey t shirts dedicated to Mr. No Nonsense. You don’t want to be in a fight with this guy. Instead, have him on your side with this shirt that says it all.

Well-known for his intense manner and combative responses during post-game press conferences, this hockey coach is T-O-U-G-H. As a player at 5’7′, and weighing about 145, John Tortorella routinely gave up his body for his team. As a coach, he takes on every question with that same toughness.

After the Rangers were eliminated in the playoffs, Tortorella said that some in the media were “idiots” when they criticized the Rangers’ style of play, specifically saying, “I don’t take anything back. There are a couple of reporters there that I do think are idiots. There has to be an accountability there from the reporters also, as far as how they present themselves and go about their business. It’s easy to say ‘I’m sorry’ [but] I’m not sorry for most of the things I’ve said.”

Referring specifically to the team’s shot-blocking, he adds, “It’s the right way to play … It’s beyond me after what these guys have done this year to start picking at this. It really pisses me off. … Half the guys covering our teams haven’t played a sport in their life and they don’t get it.”

We get it, and we love it.

So next time someone asks a stupid question, don’t tell them to talk to the hand. Tell them to talk to the shirt.

Next question!

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