Thoughts on the NBA All-Star Game “entertainment”

Thoughts on the NBA All-Star Game “entertainment”…

Phillip Phillips- greatest name in the biz. Fabulous!!! What genius booked a country music act for the NBA All-star game?

I tweeted, “Waiting for falloutgirl to finish so I can turn the sound back on.”

Photo:, altered by Doc Goodie

Don’t want to be disrespectful but Wow @ Charles Barley’s mom. Just…wow.

I finally figured out who Kesha reminds me of…Debbie Gibson! 🙂

Puff Daddy wearing a “revolt” t-shirt is hilarious. What is he going to revolt for? He IS the establishment.

Didn’t Nirvana and the Seattle music scene rise out of the ashes of such overblown hyperbole?

At least the dunk contest was somewhat entertaining. But making a dunk after failing five times, I dunno, but it kind of kills the vibe, don’tcha think?

On the other hand, two minutes with Bill Russell makes up for all that.

Now, when does the game finally start??????????????????????

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