The Bouncing Ball, Thoughts on Sports by Paul West, the Deer Antler Version

The Bouncing Ball, Thoughts on Sports by Paul West

Hey sports fans, I’m going to skip with the niceties and get right to business, because this week there’s a bumper crop of sports madness to address. So I’m going to rant a little.

  • Ed Reed: just because you aren’t troubled by the fact that you “wake up and say, ‘where’d my memory go?'” doesn’t mean that everyone feels that way. Moreover, there is evidence that the NFL suppressed evidence of concussion effects for years and years, while they supported an environment where players felt compelled to go back on the field when they medically SHOULD NOT HAVE, or risk losing their jobs. With non-guaranteed contracts and extremely short career spans, and the possibility of getting the treatment that Matt Forte got from the Chicago Bears for doing the right thing. And lots of them are in the NFL as a ‘way out’ or a primary means of feeding themselves and/or their loved ones. And to suggest that Junior Seau–who SHOT HIMSELF IN THE CHEST—does not have regrets–is just so preposterous, I don’t even know where to begin. Lots of NFL players, including the ones who are not on board with suing the NFL for the things for which I strongly believe it ought to be sued, have said they don’t want their kids playing tackle football. Hmm.
  • The man who appears to have been the primary perpetrator of the cruel hoax of which Manti Te’o seems to have been a victim–is now trying to get out front of the story by hiding behind a related issue. I will not state said issue, because to me, his application of this issue seems to actually be a slap in the face to people to face such related issues, and deal with such realities, without perpetrating cruel and prolonged forms of duplicity such as faking the existence of a girlfriend and then faking her cancer-related death. Seriously, dude, no mater what you were going through, that kind of premeditated AND prolonged insensitivity can’t even be chalked up to indiscretion or loss of perspective–at some point, you had to sit and think to yourself, ‘wow, man, that poor kid thinks he’s in love with someone who does not even exist.’
  • This brings me to the dopey statements of Niners’ Cornerback Chris Culliver, who seems to have a really poor understanding of statistical probability. You can have your opinion on people’s sexuality, but if you seriously think you couldn’t share a locker room with members of a contingent that account for 1/10th of the population? Well…c’mon dude. That’s just silly.
  • You know what? The MLB allowed players to pop amphetamines like candy for the middle third of the Cold War. Amphetamines are as much a performance-enhancer as most of what else is out there, especially for something like professional baseball, which combines a seven month grind with the necessity to stay alert and exhibit top-notch reflexes. Oh, then there’s the juiced baseballs and livingroom-sized ballparks. And the fact that only just NOW did they stop umpires from calling their own personalized strike zones. NOW the MLB brass is all about the integrity of the game. Go after steroids, because steroids are dangerous and disgusting. But if a cat wants to take deer antler spray (which Ray Lewis is getting skewered over, and now Vijay Singh says he has used?!?!?), or some half-read nonsense he picks up over the counter at GNC, there are bigger fish to fry. If I actually believed that Major League Baseball didn’t only start caring about the “PED problem” as of Jose Canseco’s book, then maybe I’d feel differently.
  • To end on a positive note after all of my ranting this week, let’s revisit LeBron’s excitement over that fan’s halfcourt shot. How cool was that? I’m guessing he’s a pretty good kid, and I’m glad people–myself included–are on his side now.

That’s all for now. Check back for the upcoming podcast!


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