The Bouncing Ball, Thoughts on Sports by Paul West: NBA All Star Edition

The Bouncing Ball, Thoughts on Sports by Paul West

First of all, that Cal coach shoving his player, Crabbe, was just ridiculous. It’s well along the slippery slope to Bobby Knight tactics, and it poisons the sports mentality to be warlike, macho and abusive-for-results oriented. Makes me sick…Crabbe should have walked off the court. You don’t hit people who can’t hit you back. Bully move by the coach. And we wonder why people, when we raise em like this, solve their problems with violence. Coach Mike Montgomery should be suspended for a game, especially because of his recalcitrant reaction.

Poor Chris Bosh. No, really: poor Chris Bosh. Historically good power forward, and keeps shooting himself in the foot.

In my last article, I alluded to how I think LeBron James is not the new MJ, but more of a Bird-Magic hybrid; getting a shot blocked by Kobe Bryant doesn’t change that.

Speaking of MJ, apparently a Bobcats’ trainer recently said that Michael Jordan is currently–as in, right now, as of his 50th birthday–better than anyone on his team. There’s just no way to make that look good for anyone.

Pitchers and catchers report soon!

R.I.P., Dr. Jerry Buss.


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