The Bouncing Ball, by Paul West: WBC Edition

The Bouncing Ball, Thoughts on Sports by Paul West

Happy Daylight Savings Day! March Madness is almost here, and then it’s baseball season. Good news, good news. My thoughts on sports this week:

  • Bobby Knight, on tv joking about his ‘anger issues,’ makes me tight as hell. Dude put his hands around a player’s throat, was consistently abusive for decades, and despite his obviously astounding strategic basketball IQ, is a ten-bell ahole. Coaches should not be demigods in their states. Period.
  • This weekend is off to a heck of a start, with a ton of close games and a buzzer beater in overtime. This year’s tournament is gonna be bonkers. Keep your eye on the first team to punch its March Madness ticket; they beat Miami early in the season, and they play tough defense and have shooters. They’re my choice for an early round sleeper…
  • Jim Boeheim has a tendency to pop off without much forethought, and after today’s baffling loss, he did it again. The thing is, saying that kinda stuff can’t be good for the morale of a team that’s been backsliding for a month. He’s gotta rally his crew, not bury them…
  • The Baltimore Ravens have given Anquan Boldin an ultimatum: take a pay cut or get cut. Seriously. Anquan Boldin, he of the clutch catch and great routes and steady, dependable leadership. This is Woody Johnson-esque stupidity. Flacco should roll into somebody’s office and speak on it. Or just go ahead and write Boldin a check. Or something. Because the Ravens might stink next year.
  • Italy is blowing it up in the World Baseball Classic, with Mike Piazza as their hitting coach. As a Mike Piazza enthusiast, I am stoked.


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