The Bouncing Ball, by Paul West: The Iowa State Edition

The Bouncing Ball, Thoughts on Sports by Paul West

Hi again, sports fans! It’s time for another installment of the Bouncing Ball series. Enjoy, and feel free to share and/or comment (respectfully).


  • Marlins’ owner Jeffrey Loria made this silly crack in an open statement to the fans: “We didn’t break up the 1927 Yankees, we broke up a losing ballclub that was going nowhere”…guess what, you dope, YOU put the team together and gave up on it after ONE YEAR. If the Marlins weren’t known for having a fire sale every time they win the World Series, maybe people would take your team’s management seriously. How’s that publicly funded three-ring-circus of a stadium working out for you?
  • Yevgeny Malkin slammed into those boards HARD. Penguins fans should be really, really worried, especially after what happened to Sid the Kid.
  • Elijah Johnson’s ill-advised game-ending dunk, to finish last night’s high-scoring OT battle against Iowa State, was unsportsmanlike and silly, and I’m glad he apologized. But an ESPN article has astutely suggested out that Johnson’s outburst might have been the result of some understandable frustration, and I think this is worthy of consideration. Johnson’s caught a lot of unnecessary flak from his own fans and coach, and Bill Self’s “we don’t have a point guard” comment was just a disgraceful way to try to motivate college players–any players, really. Unfortunately, Johnson’s dunk added controversy to an already controversial game (Kevin Young raised his hand to fool an official into calling a foul on him, when he literally and obviously didn’t touch the guy–keeping Jeff Withey in the game after he’d just hacked a guy for his fifth foul…this, to me, is tantamount to UEFA-style flopping, and a disgrace. And then there’s the much–discussed no-call on a pretty obvious charge, then the subsequent baffling reach-in call that allowed KU to tie the game!), and this is a pity because the game was otherwise an exciting and well-played epic.
  • Did Dwayne Wade really nickname himself “WOW” standing for “Way of Wade”…? WOW, indeed.
  • Alabama and LSU just offered football scholarships to an 8th grader. C’mon man.

That’s all for today. Pulling for Iowa State to run the table and play their way into the tournament! Teach ’em, Hoiberg…

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