The Bouncing Ball, by Paul West: The NHL Is Back Edition

The Bouncing Ball, Thoughts on Sports by Paul West

Hi sports fans! Been a while, and lots to discuss. I have a couple of topic-specific articles brewing, and I’d also like to tell you to stay tuned for the upcoming podcast, hosted by Doc & I! But in the meantime, welcome to the latest edition of The Bouncing Ball. Enjoy! As always, your thoughts are welcome; as always, keep it diplomatic.

  • The Manti Te’o hoax story, however it turns out, is a sad statement. The fact that people are spending so much energy to make mean-spirited jokes about it, whenit still seems apparent that he might have been the victim of a cruel hoax, is also a sad statement.
  • I am SO GLAD that the NHL is back. The Rangers will make the Conference Finals this season, I believe, and that’s only partly because I’m a huge Rangers fan. Oh yeah, and this might STILL be the save of the year when the season ends. Henrik Lundqvist. That is all.
  • The ending to Novak Djokovic’s five hour, 3am Aussie Open epic was spectacular: a breathtaking final point, followed by a raucous celebration. Novak Djokovic congratulated his opponent…and ripped his damn shirt off and hollered like he’d just dunked it on four cats in the NBA finals. His post-match speech was fantastic, too: appreciative, with sports(person)ship toward his opponent, Stanislas Wawrinka. Best of both approaches…good stuff, Novak.
  • Lingerie football is no more, and that’s a good thing. More on that to follow.
  • I watched Colin Kaepernick in college, and am really glad he’s doing well. But I really feel for Alex Smith, who was treated like total garbage for no good reason by the 49ers.

Thanks for reading! Once again, stay tuned for more activity on The Bouncing Ball–and for an upcoming sports-talk podcast, featuring PW & Doc. Enjoy the games!


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