Terrence Jones Homeless Man Stomp

In a world where sports fans pay hundreds of dollars to see athletes play for millions of dollars, comes a story that sickens even the most jaded of fans.

Second year NBA player, Houston Rockets forward Terrence Jones reportedly
stomped on the leg of a homeless man after leaving a bar in Portland on Wednesday morning.

Terrence-Jones-homeless-man-stompKatu.com reports that after taking a little drinky-drinky the big 6-9, 252 lb. millionaire loser decided it would be fun to wake up a sleeping guy who probably barely has anything to live for, and stomped on him. Nice.

Here’s how it allegedly transpired: After leaving a nightclub called “Tube”, Jones was observed by a police sergeant walking past a doorway where two homeless men were sleeping. The sergeant heard Jones yell, “Wake up.” He allegedly then raised his leg and stomped down on the homeless man’s leg.

The victim, 46-year-old Daniel John Kellerher, received a minor leg injury and did not require immediate medical attention.

One question that may be raised is whether this can be construed as a hate crime, being that Jones is black and Kellerher is white. That angle will surely be raised by the press and talked about, but the larger issue here is one of athletes out of control.

We’ve recently heard of Johnny Manziel’s drinking and his father going public about it, criticizing his son in the press, saying he’s “out of control”

This kind of thing seems to happen every other day with young athletes where they get drunk and do stupid things. It may be nothing new. We may just hear about it more now because of social media, you tube, etc., but either way, it’s a problem that won’t be solved easily. It’s about society and our lack of respect for others.

It says a lot about our society. It says a lot about how these kids feel entitled to do whatever they want without fear of repercussion. It says a lot about bully-ing and attitudes towards the homeless. It says a lot about how the rich “stomp” on the poor. It says a lot about we pay these young athletes millions of dollars but pay only a fraction of that to teachers who can educate them about how to act in society. But that’s not even in a teacher’s job description.

I’ve been to Portland, it’s a great city with a lot of friendly people. Jones grew up in Portland, and supposedly was raised there. By whom I wonder? Wolves? Homeless people have it bad enough without morons like Jones stomping on them while they are sleeping.

I will tell you what. If this world has any sense of justice, Jones will become homeless at age 46 and some young asshole will wake him up and stomp on him.

Now that’s a game I would pay to see.

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