Tarnation Sports T Shirts Model Shoot – Just Like I Pictured It…

Tarnation Sports T Shirts
Photo: Reggo Wilson


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So here’s our funny tee shirts story. As Stevie Wonder said, “New York. Just like I pictured it…” We had our first batch of TARNATION! Sports t shirts model shoots this past week and they were a blast! But of course we had to pick our longest shoot day this past Sunday, when downtown New York was flooded with Gay Pride revelers, and one of our lovely models ended up getting a bit trapped there for a little while, followed by another one of our cuties getting hit on several times in the middle of our shoot, but it all worked out in the end. I thought I had averted any difficulties by telling everyone, “Stay below Christopher Street”, as if it was a warning of impending doom, but Murphy’s law…y’know?
I think everyone involved was surprised at how fast it all went. A hearty burp of thanks for all the models- Chrystal, Monica, Doori and Tomomi for giving us their time and enthusiasm, and Reg for being super-professional and a great photog! We even got some funny tee shirts outtakes and bloopers on video. Some good interviews too, though we had to do the interviews several times because I’m still learning how to shoot with this expensive video camera. It’s supposed to be 1080 HD, WTF? Oh, don’t even ask me…So it will take a while to edit the videos but I’m a master editor. We’ll get ’em up on our TARNATION! Sports youtube page ASAP.
We’re also working on some awesome new designs. Hint: One of them features a GM who is known just as much as his team is, and another features a retro basketball figure who only has one letter in his last name. “What in Tarnation”?, you might ask. “How can you guys be launching soon and still work on new designs”? Simple, we don’t sleep!
By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, each of our TARNATION! Sports t shirts models have a profile page where you can learn more about each of them. Collect ’em all! 🙂
So which funny tee shirts shots are your favorites? Which should we be embarrassed to be associated with? Let us know!

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