TARNATION! Sports T-Shirt Contest on LockerDome

Now that we’ve built a brand new TARNATION! Sports page on the great social networking site, LockerDome, we’re celebrating by hosting a contest on the site, giving away a t-shirt of your choice!

You can enter the contest in the widget to the right of this post. Just enter in your information and enter the contest. It’s that easy! LockerDome handles the rest.

TARNATION! Sports LockerDome

We love LockerDome because it’s a unique social networking platform that focuses on sports. Not only sports, they also have other topics you can get into, like politics, music, food, travel, humor, tech, business, men’s style and fashion, photography, science, startups and other interests.

Creating “lockers” where you can “hang” pics, articles, and links, kind of makes it like Pinterest for guys, though there are women on the site as well.

Pro sports players and teams have their own pages on the site, and it’s getting more and more popular as time goes on. it’s been said that the LockerDome network is “like a Facebook fan page on steroids”.

More than 40 million people per month use LockerDome. Are you? If not, head over to LockerDome and get your own account here.

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