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schmoozing sports t shirts black

schmoozing sports hoodiesThe schmoozer! Who doesn’t love Steve Somers, that wacky sports show host of WFAN radio? He’s as unique as they come, and now, he has an equally wacky and unique T-shirt and hoodie to start off a schmoozing clothing brand!

Exclusively on TARNATION! Sports, the Schmoozing T-shirt, available in black and or white and the Schmoozing hoodie, (in black only) features Steve himself  standing in front of the New York skyline with the words “Schmoozing with Steve Somers” below it.

As Steve himself says, “you put it on and start talking and talking and talking and saying nothing.” It’s the meaning of schmoozing… What already?

So how did this come about? We approached Steve with the idea and at first he wasn’t sure what to think but eventually we won him over with our charm and our own brand of schmoozing, LOL.

We think it’s pretty cool and thankfully, so does Steve.  A portion of the funds generated will go to some of Steve’s favorite charities, and we hope you’ll enjoy it year-round, as a conversational piece and also as a quality piece of clothing because the tees are high quality Gildan brand …the tees are 100% cotton,  and the hoodie 50/50, and they should last for years with proper care.

Just click on the above picture to get the full lowdown of what we have available.

You can also hear more about it on WFAN radio. Tune in and listen to Steve’s program  whenever he is on, and in the meantime here’s some subliminal advertising for you…

BUY now, you realize that this is a very cool clothing item, and BUY the way, a great gift for the holidays!

Cheesy? Yes but I like it too…




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