Richard Sherman is a gasbag, too, but he got it right on Bayless

I think Sherman talks too much ish…he should talk with his game. But you know what’s awesome? That he calmly, critically breaks down the fact that Bayless is a pompous, arrogant, baseless gasbag, and he doesn’t even sink too close to his level to do so. Irony of ironies: Bayless saying “let’s not make it personal”…really? That’s HALF of Bayless’ so-called analysis! He’s gotta be kidding. Sherman used his Stanford-honed mind to calmly stay on topic and dissect Bayless…I wish he stuck to this kind of yapping only, and otherwise spoke with his game, but if he’s gonna talk, he oughta put a pompous, style-over-substance, obnoxious verbal bully like Bayless in check. I loved it. I hope someone does it to Smith next. I gave up on First Take a while ago.

This extemporaneous rant was brought to you by the “please get new talking heads on ESPN First Take” lobby…thank you for listening.

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