RG III In Shanahan’s System

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The Washington sports website, Mr. Irrelevant is going to have an extensive sit-down interview with Robert Griffin III tomorrow that I’m really interested in. They published an excerpt today from RGIII, including this…
“I don’t know the history of Coach Shanahan and haven’t talked to his quarterbacks about whether he molds the system to them or gives them suggestions, but from what he’s told me, is that he is going to listen to me. I listen to Coach.
If there is a certain play where I go, “Coach you know I really don’t like this play for this game.” And they might think it’s the greatest play ever created, but if he feels I’m not comfortable with it, he won’t call it.”

Shanahan is no dummy. He knows the team will sink or swim with their rookie QB, so he’ll tailor the offense around him, as he should. How much remains to be seen though. Shanahan is known for his system, and has been slow to change for anyone, including Donovan McNabb who struggled with Shanahan’s system. McNabb even warned that RG3 would have difficulties with it.
But Shanahan does employ bootlegs, and that’s an exciting dimension with RG3’s speed and athleticism and his strong arm will have no trouble getting the ball downfield on Shanahan’s vertical passing game. Defensive ends will have to keep an eye on him too on the stretch zone plays the coach loves so much.
Say what you want about Shanahan but he made Brian Griese, Jake Plummer and Jay Cutler successes, because he implemented what they can offer into the system. Maybe many people forgot, but Shanahan coached Steve Young for the 49ers, and RG3 is similar in style, though even faster and more athletic.
If Rg3 can master the play-action, that will give him the time in the pocket to make the reads, which is the big worry about the rook.
Personally, I think the running game is the most important aspect of how this goes down. If the Skins can’t run, they are in trouble, but a strong running game opens everything up. Yes, you can say that about any team, and rightfully so, but with this team, it’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity.
Edit: Excellent interview it turned out to be. Here’s the link.

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