No D In LA?

Mike D'Antoni thanksgiving

Enjoy your Thanksgiving early Laker fans! Mike D’Antoni has been hired as the new head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers!

But all Laker fans must hope that any mention of the word “turkey” ends at Thanksgiving.

It might be a good thing for Steve Nash and fun-lovers in LA, because there will be plenty of fun offense to be had with your turkey, cranberry sauce and giblets.

But on the other hand, you can call him Mike Not Phil Jackson D’Antoni, or you could just call him Mike Antoni because there could be no D in Los Angeles.

There’s been much talk today about how the job was Phil Jackson’s if he wanted it, but behind the scenes he reportedly asked for too much including an ownership stake in the team. It seems that Lakers Owner Jim Buss wouldn’t go for that and instead hired D’Antoni. Jackson is reportedly “shocked”. But there’s more to it that we don’t know. Buss and Jackson may have something going on behind that scenes that isn’t pretty and that we don’t know about. It seems that Jackson’s name was out there and the Lakers had to satisfy the crowd’s lust for Jackson, so they considered it, but D’Antoni was their man all along.

Steve Nash must be happy. he and D’Antoni were a match made in basketball heaven in Phoenix and they will be fun to watch on offense. But defense is another matter. Unless D’Antoni gets a defensive-minded Woodson-like assistant, the team will be one-sided, run n’ gun fun. That’s not bad, but what happened to “defense wins championships”?

Meanwhile, in other news, it looks like the Lakers and Nuggets may have gotten the best of the 3-way deal that sent Andrew Bynum to Philadelphia. Bynum has yet to play a game for the 76ers due to knee issues. Now the team is saying he may be their Xmas gift, playing his first game (maybe) Xmas week, because he won’t begin doing any work till 12/10. The team gave up Andre Igoudala for him but don’t seem to be getting anything back. By the way, Bynum will be a free agent at the end of the season. I wrote about the trade here. I have a feeling this season will be a washout for him and the 76ers will rue the day they let Iggy go for him. Now that’s what I call a turkey deal!

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