NFL Super Bowl Picks

Well it’s time for the big game. Paul and I have gone over this carefully and here are our predictions:

Doc says…

Photo: (Rob Carr/Getty Images North America)

“Score-wise this will be a strange replay of the
Giants-Bills Super Bowl where Scott Norwood missed a last second field goal to give the Giants the win. This time the goat will be 49ers kicker David Akers, who has been in a bit of a slump. A late miss will give the Ravens a hard-earned win and a storybook ending for Ray Lewis. Akers then, will be forever known as the guy who missed the kick, regardless of a solid career before that, Scott Norwood will be relieved, and there will be a parade in Baltimore. The Ravens have that feeling about them. Call it destiny, meant to be, or whatever. My pick= Ravens 27-24”

Paul says…

“This game is oddly well matched, for two teams whose offenses seem built on different premises and whose coaches–despite being siblings–seem so strikingly different. The Niners feel like they’ve finally gotten where they belong, after a handful of near-misses; the Ravens have been close a few times, as well, but this season feels like one they made up as they went along and pulled out of the fire to get this far. It’s going to be a battle, and I think the score will be counter-intuitively high for a Super Bowl with two staunch defenses; I think the game will swing on a big defensive play, and both kickers will do their jobs. Expect another big-time game from Anquan Boldin, who’s consistently under-trumpeted but just keeps on doing it right when it counts. 30-27, Ravens.”

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