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Watching the Brooklyn Nets lose to the Chicago Bulls 99-93 tonight was just a disgrace for everyone who calls themselves Net fans.

The TNT guys had a really interesting discussion of why the Nets lost, and the great thespian, Shaqulle O’Neal came up with the answer. He correctly stated that the Nets have no leadership on the court, and he’s right. Deron Williams and Joe Johnson are not leaders, and neither is Brook Lopez. While Shaq said that Brook should become more vocal with his teammates, Charles Barkley stated, “You either have it or you don’t”. The Nets last leader was Jason Kidd, now with the Knicks.

He was a pain while with the Nets, selfish and getting his coach, Byron Scott fired. He picked the players he wanted to play with, and the coach he wanted to be his puppet. Eventually, Kidd wore out his welcome, but he was a leader and a winner for the Nets.

Post-game, Joe Johnson said tonight that he was “trying to help my team in any way I can.” He would have helped them by sitting on the bench. He hit on only 2 of 14 shots, and missed a crucial three pointer in the final seconds that could have turned the game. You could use his plantar fasciitis as an excuse, (and to his credit, he refused to blame his poor game on that), but Joakim Noah has the same injury, and dominated. Credit Johnson for giving it a go on a bum foot, but Nets coach, P. J. Carlesimo should not have had him out there once he saw how incapable Johnson was on the court tonight.

Unfortunately, there can’t be many changes made until the end of the 2015-16 season, because Johnson, Williams and Lopez are owed a combined $70 million till then. So what can the Nets do till then?

I could respect the Nets for hustling, giving their best effort and falling short, as the Celtics did vs. the Knicks, but falling behind by 17 points at HOME against a crippled Bulls team missing three key players is a disgrace.

Hopefully, they will learn from this and get better next time, but until they get someone in there who can truly lead, someone like a Garnett or a Noah, they will never play as well as you might expect them to. Yes I’m being a bit harsh, but really, when you have this kind of talent on a team, it’s truly an embar-ass-ment to go out like this. Credit the Bulls with GREAT heart and moxie. The Nets can only dream of having that kind of toughness right now.

The two things the Nets lack are heart and leadership. Heart comes from Gerald Wallace and Reggie Evans, two players that I can really respect and cheer for, but two players full of heart isn’t enough when your “leaders” are afraid to get their hair messed up.

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