NBA Free Agents Update

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Now it looks like Ray Allen may stay with the Celtics after all.
Fred Kerber of the NY Post tweets that the Nets have signed Gerald Wallace. Adrian Wojnarowski confirms that the deal is done.
Adrian also says The Nets and Hawks could reach a decision on the possible Joe Johnson deal today..
How can the Nets sign everyone? They can’t. But what they are doing is smart. Rather than hitching their wagon to one guy like they did with Lebron, and then Dwight, they finally learned their lesson. Maybe Billy King does have a brain after all, working on multiple fronts to get all kinds of deals done. First come, first served. Oh, that nutty netty front office…
It now appears that the Dwight Howard sweepstakes includes the Lakers. “The Magic reached out to teams Saturday and told them that they’ll discuss proposals about moving Howard.” Those teams include the Rockets, Lakers and Nets.
This Dwight Howard AKA Superman, AKA Mr. Maturity/Mr. Decisive soap opera has been going on for a loooooooooong time. Jon Mathis from gives a nice rundown of the entire saga, calling the big man a “wishy-washy, flop-flopping, flaky, don’t-know-what-he-wants diva who was given too much power and abused his authority.”
And in Lin-sanity land, during an ESPN radio interview, Marc Stein of stated that there is no shot for the Knicks to sign Steve Nash. He says that Toronto is pulling out all the stops, with Nash’s childhood idol, Wayne Gretsky recruiting, saying “come home to end your career Steve”, and offering $36 million over 3 years.

By the way did you know that today is Canada Day? Curtis Harris of give us some good info on basketball in Canada. Coincidence or a preview of things to come with Nash?

Don’t forget the dark horse in all of this…Miami. What if Nash were to sign with the Heat for one year, get a ring, and then get the cash from the Raptors or someone else next season? Best of both worlds.

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