Linsanity To Move To Houston?

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This is interesting (and strange). Frank Isola of the NY Daily News reports that the Knicks are considering signing Raymond Felton to a sign and trade deal rather than resigning Jeremy Lin.

He also says, “One more thing about Jeremy Lin: if the Knicks are convinced he’s the real deal why did they pull out all the stops to acquire Steve Nash?”

So the Knicks don’t really believe in Lin?

Mark Bermon of FOX26 News tweets: Tony Dutt, agent for guard Raymond Felton, says a verbal agreement is in place

Isola is reporting that the Knicks have traded Jared Jeffries and Dan Gadzuric for Raymond Felton and Kurt Thomas from Portland.

Mark Berman of the NY Post tweets that the Knicks‬ won’t match Lin’s offer sheet.

If this is true. The Knicks don’t believe in Lin. They think he’s a flash in the pan. This is news to us, isn’t it? I think Lin proved himself over and over again last season, and his work ethic is tremendous. Raymond Felton is a nice player but he is what he is. He has little upside, even if he loses weight. Would Jeremy Lin allow himself to get overweight? I think not. Lin has a high upside. Maybe the highest upside in the league. He’s not all hype. I watched him hit a last second shot against the Raptors last season, and thought this guy had command of the team. He was a leader and was clutch. He deserved all the accolades he was receiving. And now this? If the Knicks don’t resign Lin, it will be the greatest blunder the Knicks have made since bringing in Isiah Thomas.

Update 7/15 11:00 am- Isola is reporting that the Knicks are talking to 39 year old Grant Hill.

Mark Berman in an ESPN radio interview says that in negotiations, Lin held the Knicks up for money money and Jim Dolan, owner of the Knicks did not like it.

Seems like the Knicks are in win-now mode. Stay tuned.

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