Knicks To Sign McGrady? Isiah Back?

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There’s talk about the Knicks going after Tracy McGrady again. That would truly be fantastic since it worked so well last time. When McGrady was a Knick in 2010, he averaged 9.3 points per game. Who wouldn’t want that kind of production? Sign him for $50 million I say!
This is a pretty ridiculous story that needs to go away. look, T-Mac is a move Isiah Thomas would make. Last season with the Hawks, he averaged 5.2 points per game. The Knicks need more production than what McGrady has left.
More interesting is Kenyon Martin, who the Knicks are also pursuing. While Kenyon is also ancient in NBA years, (he averaged just 5.2 PPG and 4.3 RPG last season for the Clippers), he brings an poor man’s Oakley-like toughness to the team. (A poor, poor man’s Oakley that is, but nonetheless, more Oakley-like than McGrady, and the Knicks need some toughness.) Money has been, and is the issue with Martin though, as he does not want to sign for the minimum, which is what the Knicks can afford.
Thankfully, people agree with me. In an ESPN Chat with writer Jared Zwerling, Jared said, “I don’t think there’s a serious chance with T-Mac. As for Martin, I wouldn’t be surprised if Melo and Smith, who both played with Martin in Denver, tried to persuade him to take less money — if not already. But I also think Martin wants to stay in LA.”
And thankfully, the Knicks can’t spend any more than the minimum, because…
Taking a look at Bloomberg Businessweek’s “smartest spenders” in pro sports list, out of 122 teams in the four major sports, only baseball’s Cubs and Mets (surprise), hockey’s Oilers, and Maple Leafs, football’s Rams and basketball’s Rams are ranked lower than the Knicks.
Knick fans are not surprised though, because Isiah Thomas ran the team into the ground while he was in charge, falling in love with Jerome James and Eddy Curry, among others, and giving away lottery picks for little in return.
By the way, if you think Isiah is gone, think again, as Ball Don’t Lie’s Kelly Dwyer explains.
The Knicks are like a soap opera. The Characters keep returning. So it kind of makes sense to sign McGrady. Maybe Curry and James can come back too. We’ll have a reunion. Oh, happy day!
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