Jeter Comes Back, Gets Hurt Again

In a professional baseball game that actually happened, we got something out of a film script, proving once again, that truth is stranger than fiction.

Derek Jeter, long time Captain of the New York Yankees came back, playing his first game after nine-months away due to injury, but he lasted only eight innings before getting injured AGAIN.

derek jeter injury

Jeter said he injured his right quadriceps and needs an MRI after running to first base in his first game back since he broke his left ankle in October.

He went 1 for 4 with a run scored and an RBI groundout, playing as the designated hitter. He was first hurt back in last October’s AL championship series.

”It’s not frustrating, yet. We’ll see. They MRI everything around here,” Jeter said.

He played for a long time last year with a bone bruise, but the ankle finally caved in on the first game of the AL championship series versus Detroit.

”I don’t think it broke because I was 38. I think it broke because I continued to play on something that maybe I shouldn’t have,” Jeter said.

”It’s kind of what we went through this year,” manager Joe Girardi said. ”So hopefully it’s nothing, it’s just some leg tightness and he’ll be ready to go.”

Jeter had only a four game rehab in the minor leagues, going 1 for 9 at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre before being called up. ”Couldn’t fall back asleep,” he said. ”I was nervous going into the game. It’s almost like it’s opening day for me, even though we’re in – what are we in, July now? I lost track of the months.”

After the first injury he thought he would return by opening day, but hurt his ankle again in April during rehab and was unavailable for the first 91 games of this season.

Jeter looked like his old self, ”I had my mind made up yesterday that I was going to swing at the first pitch”, and he did, getting a hit, with the crowd chanting, ”De-rek Je-ter! De-rek Je-ter!”

In the fifth inning, he grounded out, and when running to beat out the throw to first base, his quad tightened. In the eighth inning, he was subbed for.

”It’s awesome to have him back out there. He’s so positive,” Pettitte said. ”We need his leadership ability.”

Yankees General manager Brian Cashman had said, ”I think it’s easy to say that you would expect with his age and a double break that I think he’d lose a step or two or half a step, but I think he’s moving extremely well from what I’m told.”

Manager Joe Girardi had said, ”I think Derek would run himself out there the next 70 games if it was up to him.”

But now it’s all questionable. ”The fans were great, gave me a nice ovation,” Jeter said. ”It’s been a long time.”

So what now? did the Yankees rush him back too soon, or is this just a freak injury that could have happened at any time? One thing I’ve noticed is that after a long layoff, no matter what the sport, the chance for a ham/quad injury is increased because the player is a bit out of shape. I thin he should have gotten into slightly better shape before giving it his all again, but it is what it is, and the Yankees have to pay for being a bit greedy. So what else is new?


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