NY Jets Management No Longer NFL’s Dumbest

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So the Baltimore Ravens traded Anquan Boldin today, for a sixth round pick. No, really, that’s not a typo. They just traded away a seasoned, centered veteran–a third down specialist, with some of the best hands in the game, who’s low-maintenance and a good locker room presence and one of the most under-heralded players in the past ten years–basically for a box of donuts. In a weak draft year. Despite the protests of their quarterback, whom they just paid out the wazoo. After which Ravens wideout Torrey Smith responded with indignation. I’m going to take a second and discuss how preposterous the Ravens’ recent couple of moves, are.

First of all, the Ravens decide to pay a crazy, silly amount of money to a QB who, while underrated by many and big-time in last season’s playoffs, is also prone to head-scratching flop games and posted last year’s two worst QBR ratings–a baffling .3 and .4 out of a hundred. People protested that giving him all that money would diminish their ability to surround him with weapons…to no avail.

Then they attempted to bully Anquan Boldin into accepting a pay cut. The same guy who made this catch and this catch. In the Super Bowl. Of whom Joe Flacco said:

“Without him, we don’t win the Super Bowl. He’s a huge part of this team and someone I want to see back,” Flacco, who signed a six-year, $120.6 million contract this offseason, told USA Today. “Obviously, when you’re a player of his caliber, you believe you’re worth a number and that’s what you should get. He’s going to stick to his guns, and that’s the way it should be.”

A guy who’s still only 32, and wasn’t going to ask for more money despite making half of the Ravens’ biggest catches in the postseason not even six months ago. A guy whom his entire team, including wide receivers who compete with him for targets, seems sorry to lose. For, again, a proverbial box of donuts.

For the record, Torrey Smith deserves credit for his indignation; conventional wisdom about wide receivers is that they’d generally be happy to see the departure of a guy who competes with them for targets, especially important ones. But what Smith seems to understand is that Boldin’s presence makes the entire offense better…that having a WR like Boldin to roam between the hashmarks and sidelines makes it easier for a field-stretcher like Smith to blow by secondaries over the top. It also allows Smith to be more versatile, and puts pressure on defenses to account for a broader range of possibilities. With Boldin gone, Torrey Smith’s home-run potential is diminished. Smith seems to get that–he also seems to understand Boldin’s intangible upside, as well.

Why don’t the dopes who run the Ravens seem to understand these things?

That 6th round draft pick better be a reeeal sleeper. Especially since the Ravens have also lost the captain of their defense.

The Ravens might join the list of Super Bowl teams that don’t even make the playoffs next year…

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One thought on “NY Jets Management No Longer NFL’s Dumbest

  1. This has all the makings of a seruios mistake. Trading a guy who was underappreciated (by Ravens fans) for being a key player, upsetting the locker room, in order to get salary cap room less then 24 hours before free agency starts. If they don’t get Ellerbe or Kruger re-signed before free agency starts and they bolt, this will go down as one of the more bone-headed moves in franchise history, essentially making the team much worse in exchange for a throwaway pick at the end of the 6th round.

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