Is Bobby Valentine Like A Boiling Frog?

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Bobby Valentine was on ESPN radio’s Michael Kay’s show today in New York and discussed the controversy the Red Sox are embroiled in now. Kay being the New York Yankees announcer made it an interesting listen. Here’s the blow by blow breakdown of the conversation…
When questioned about the meeting between owners and players a month ago, Valentine began by setting the mood immediately by saying he “doesn’t know exactly what is going on” but is not concerned. It’s “pretty old news” to him, and he wants to concentrate on what’s ahead, not what happened a month ago. It doesn’t bother him that the players met with the owners and he wasn’t invited.
He specifically brought up that there is “one little thing I really should mention is that before that meeting, when I talked with the owners I said hey, you know if you’re going to talk to the players or coaches or media or fans or whatever it is, if you hear anything that you think could help me, if you hear anything that you think I should do, to make things better, please let me know. And they assured me that they would.”
Regarding leaving Jon Lester out on the mound to give up 11 runs vs. Toronto, Bobby said he thought that Lester could get out of it. He thinks that Lester has now gotten better and feels confident with him, calling him “a strong athlete and he understands the game of baseball.” Valentine added that Lester never came to him about it, and never discussed it with him. He also said that “I like that his teammates are looking out for each other.”
Kay asked him if he thought the talent “just wasn’t good enough” to make a run this season and Valentine denied that, saying that they do expect to make a run. He believes that most of the players on the team is doing well, but that few are not performing as well as they are expected to. He also put a bit of an onus on having to team make a strong showing this weekend vs. the Yankees.
Valentine was in pretty good spirits and seemed to be ok with what is happening around him. This reminds me of the boiling frog story. The story goes that if you put a frog in boiling water, it will jump out, but if it you put the frog in cold water and slowly heat the water, it will not notice the danger and will end up being dinner (for those who like eating frogs). Personally, I like Bobby and hope the water doesn’t get too hot.

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