Howard Not Netward

By Keith Allison (Flickr) [CC-BY-SA-2.0]

Dwight Howard will not be traded to the Brooklyn Nets. The Charlotte Hornets and Portland Trailblazers both wanted to offer Brook Lopez large contracts today and the Nets did not want to lose him and get nothing back, so they signed him to a $60 million deal, and that effectively took the Nets out of the running for Howard.
Ian O’Connor of ESPN reported that he was told by a Net source, “Brook had two offer sheets [from Portland and Charlotte] and was about to sign one of them. We couldn’t wait anymore.”
Meanwhile, the Magic are still in talks with the Rockets to either move Howard there, or send him to the Lakers in return for Laker Center Andrew Bynum ending up in Houston. The Magic seem most interested in a bunch of draft picks, salary cap relief and young players.
Atlanta and Golden State are still possibilities as well. Chris Mannix of tweeted that “Big reason Houston, GSW, Atlanta might take DH12 as a rental: If they can’t get him to commit by February, just flip him to the Nets.”
The Knicks seemed to help the Rockets cause by sending the Rockets two more draft picks to play with in the Marcus Camby deal. They would have given more to stop the Nets from getting Howard. As I’ve said before, the Knicks will do everything they can to sabotage their closest, and now most threatening rivals. And James Dolan and friends can smile tonight.

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