How Times Have Changed: Watching the Super Bowl via a Smartphone

Credit: FOX Sports
Photo Credit: FOX Sports

For those of us who were born before the inception of the digital age, you can probably remember huddling round a prehistoric television set to watch the Super Bowl with family and friends. A TV set that would probably weigh 40lbs and lets face it; wasn’t the most desirable looking piece of equipment.

As technology has moved forward at somewhat of a supersonic pace, so has the way we watch videos and consume content. There has been no better example of this than through the recent Super Bowl event as many people watched it through their smartphones while at work or on the go.

Dan Graziano, a journalist for CNET reported that this year, for the first time, the NFL were offering people the chance to watch the Super Bowl through their mobile devices. Via the NFL’s official app, Verizon held exclusive rights to stream the game through their handsets. The mobile manufacturers charged $5 for a premium subscription package to view the big game.

In hindsight it was a relatively cheap package to enable Verizon mobile users to view the game compared to the only other package available. The alternative for viewers was Slingbox, which is a streaming service that enables your smartphone to connect with your TV box. However, it isn’t cheap with the most affordable package starting at $180 with additions on top for the smartphone app.

Needless to say the Verizon version prevailed above the rather expensive Slingbox option. But it just goes to show that in today’s world many of the leading organizations are seeing mobile Internet as a viable and important platform to showcase major events. Mobile Internet penetration surpassed the PC-installed base in 2014 according to a leading game developer that brought CastleJackpot to the online gaming market. Which means that the NFL recognized this, hence why they felt it was so important to find a way of streaming the game to mobile devices.

As the NFL continues to improve its official app in time for next season, it is inevitable that many other new streaming services will surface in the coming months. With the NFL realizing how lucrative the app market is currently, expect many more options available to watch all your favorite NFL games, wherever you may be in the world.

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