What In Tarnation? The Grand Opening Of TARNATION! Sports T Shirts

Yeah! We got through our opening day of selling our sports t-shirts designs in one piece. CRAZY day! We had a small issue with international shipping prices, due to the lovely e-commerce software we’re using, but recovered and everything is fine.

One day, we’ll be telling our kids, “back in 2012, we started this little t-shirt company, and soon, all this will be yours.” Hopefully “all this” won’t be a box of t-shirts in the garage…:)

We want to thank our photographer, Reggo and our models, Tomomi, Doori, Monica, Chrystal and Erica for being our “clothes horses”, and they all acted as thoroughbreds…:)

So now, we settle in for the long haul in building our brand and creating a name for ourselves long-term. As they say, it’s a marathon, not asprint, so we’re planning not for the next few weeks, but for the next few years, because we plan to be around for quite a while.

Though we’ve only got five shirt designs in stock currently, the response has been great and we’re out of stock on some sizes of items, but replenishing as we speak. We’ll be getting another two designs in stock next week, (Ewing and Fantasy), and the rest will come in soon.

We’re also presently working on a classic sci-fi film/Oakland football team hybrid shirt, a certain NBA legend with a skyhook, a football takeoff on “Breaking Bad”, a 70’s inspired baseball throwback and a bunch of other stuff that we know you’re going to love. New colors and new ideas coming soon, and we’re always open to ideas, so please drop us a line.

Someone mentioned that we don’t talk enough about the shirts themselves, so I’ll give props to American Apparel for providing us with the best high quality shirts we can get. They really are soft and comfortable. We get compliments on them, and they seem to be the most popular brand around, so we’re really happy to be using them for our designs. They also cost more than any other brand, but we don’t want to skimp on anything.

In case you haven’t seen all our designs, here’s the list of all our sports t shirts:
RG3 Football T Shirts
Kiss Football T Shirts
Salsa Football T Shirts
Ewing Basketball T Shirts
Julius Basketball T Shirts
Next Question Hockey T Shirts
Hockeywood Hockey T Shirts
Fantasy Sports T Shirts
I Come To Play Baseball T Shirts
Dawn Of The Red Baseball T Shirts
YU Baseball T Shirts

We’re working on putting together some contests for you to win some free t shirts, so keep your eyes open while you’re sleeping, ’cause you never know when it will start! Join us at our Facebook page and Twitter page for notifications.



TARNATION! Sports: Parody-Based Sports Gifts. Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey Sports T Shirts. Funny Tee Shirts Printed On Highest Quality, Softest Cotton.

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