Gift Certificate Giveaway On Lockerdome


The last contest we did with locker dome went so well, we decided to do it again!

Enter the contest TO THE RIGHT OF THIS POST, and win a $25 gift certificate, which is good towards the purchase of any of our available t-shirts, here at TARNATION Sports!

In case you haven’t seen it,  locker dome is hot! You can get an account for free. And the website is finding more and more female users to rival its main audience of males, 18 to 34.

According to Forbes magazine, “In only six months, LockerDome has more than doubled its traffic and recently blew past 40 million monthly unique visitors across and LockerDome-powered widgets.

Users now engage around both sports and non-sports topics, including entertainment, music, business, politics, fitness, men’s style, gaming, and technology. And though LockerDome’s users still tend to be men ages 18 to 34, its most active users since the site’s redesign are women ages 18 to 24.”

And athletes and teams are signing up as well. Adweek wrote, “Besides the athletes themselves, St. Louis-based LockerDome also offers a platform for teams and sports-related brands and media personalities to bolster their social-media presence. The St. Louis Blues hockey franchise signed up with the platform this past March, for example.

“We like the approach LockerDome has taken with this idea and how to connect the athlete with their fans and figured this is a great way for us to expand our fan base and our brand to fans from other sports,” says Michael Caruso, Blues’ svp, marketing and PR.

By forging a social connection with sports fans, LockerDome finds itself in the sweet spot of the digital revolution. The website boasts an average of 14 million unique visitors every month, with a 92 percent return rate by users. LockerDome says it expects to smash through to 25 million uniques by the end of this year. The site seems well on its way to that goal—its uniques doubled during February and March.”

You should sign up for lockerdome  and check it out for yourself.  Not only are they a great website,  but great people as well!

Here is the link to the Lockerdome contest.


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