Dunk City Basketball T Shirts

The story of the little school from Florida shocking the nation is just so compelling that we had to make up these special Dunk City basketball t shirts. How could we not? The Dirty Birds of Florida have trounced the #2 and #7 seeds thus far in the NCAA mens basketball tournament, March Madness is down to the final sixteen, and they’re still alive.


The team looks more and more like a David that really can slay the Goliaths of college basketball. Names like Bernard Thompson, Sherwood Brown, Chase Fieler, Eric McKnight, Christophe Varidel and Brett Comer may not be top ten NBA draft picks, but if they keep it up, they may well be.

Harlem Globetrotter Tay “Firefly” Fisher says, Their style of play is very similar to ours, (Point guard Brett Comer) had 14 assists (Sunday), and they were all, like, no-look passes, alley-oops. It was great to watch… The way they dunk the ball and the way they pass the ball, it’s very similar…We call that ‘Globetrotter Style,’ not Gangnam Style… The dunks, their showmanship. After the game, they were dancing and they were excited. They’re like that during the games, too. People love to see that.”

ESPN ranked Comer as the #4 indispenseable players in the tourney, saying “Comer is actually an incredible passer. You can see evidence of this in any of the dozens of highlights FGCU has created during its postseason run, almost all of which begin with Comer throwing passes with Larry Bird-level intuition and style. You can also see it in the numbers: Comer’s assist rate — the percentage of his possessions that wind up as assists — is 43.9 percent, third highest in the country. That’s higher than any player left in the tournament, including Burke and Syracuse guard Michael Carter-Williams. There’s a reason Comer ended up at FGCU: He can’t shoot. But what he can do — find guys on the break, trick defenders into overcommitting, hit lobs with pinpoint accuracy — is where this whole Dunk City thing gets its start. Recognize.”

Their opponents are giving them props too. Miami’s Trey McKinney-Jones following FGCU’s upset of No. 2 Georgetown said, “I wasn’t surprised, just because of how they put it on us early in the season…They’re a great team and as you saw yesterday they’re very confident. They weren’t ready to back down at all. And they put the pedal to the metal and they didn’t stop.”

Everyone is going wild for this Cinderella story. Even the actual city of Fort Myers Florida is calling itself “Dunk City” on their website.

The team has made history as the first #15 seed ever to make the sweet sixteen. Now they face their neighbors, the Florida Gators. As Chris Berman says, “This is gonna be GOOD!”

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