Doc’s Goodies: July 4th Edition

Happy July 4th everyone! I thought I’d do a quick Doc’s Goodies post with my thoughts on various topics today because, well, I have some free time! Something which is rare these days. : )

lakers dwight howard stay
Photo From LA Lakers Twitter

So looking at the Dwight Howard decision (The decision II), I wonder if he’s gonna announce it like Lebron did. I hope not, LOL. But when you look at his choices, you gotta shake your head. Here’s this incredibly immature guy being courted by several multi-million dollar franchises, tripping over themselves to give him millions of dollars to play a game. And he’s saying he may not really want to play for the Los Angeles Lakers, along with Kobe Bryant, an all time great. Meanwhile, the team is practically erecting statues in his honor, begging him to stay. It’s mind-boggling when you step back and think about it, but that’s the world we live in.

Like a lot of people, when he came to L.A., I thought it would be the Heat and the Lakers in the championship this season. I wrote that the Lakers always get their man. And although I still think the Lakers have the upper hand, just being the Lakers, it’s not a done deal.

Howard will decide which team he will sign with by Friday, a source close to the talks told ESPN’s Adam Schefter. It’s between the Lakers, the Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors and Atlanta Hawks.

If he’s smart, he’ll stick with the Lakers, but he’s not, so we’ll await the decision II on friday!

Meanwhile, looks like JR Smith will stay with the Knicks. That and Andrea Bargnani are the big Knick signings. Blah. The Nets and owner Mikhail Prokhorov have eaten Knick owner James Dolan’s lunch, breakfast and dinner so far. Even if the Knicks can sign Nate Robinson, the Nets will still be a better team. first time you can say that since the 1976 season, huh?

The Knicks will always be an also-ran with JR and Carmelo, as I wrote back in April. Chuckers don’t win championships, sorry. The Knicks are not put together well. Their pieces don’t fit. The Bargnani deal is just another typical dumb move, and oh, don’t get me started.

I do like the hiring of Brad Stevens for the Celtics though. In a way I kind of feel sorry for the Celtics, who have to start all over again now, but in a way, I say “good”. A little humility is good for that team, LOL. If the Knicks or Nets had the heart that the Celtics (or Bulls) had last season, they would have been a better team for it. Maybe Garnett will bring some of that to Brooklyn this season. Who’s gonna bring that to the Knicks? Bargnani?

By the way, Lawrence Frank, Jason Kidd’s assistant in Brooklyn, is now the highest-paid assistant in the NBA, signed to a four-year deal worth more than $4 million total. I said it before and I will say it again, Lawrence Frank was Kidd’s coach when he played for the Nets, put in place by…Jason Kidd who hand picked him as a puppet to replace Byron Scott, who he had fired. What a soap opera the NBA is, huh? “General Hospital” have nothing on these guys.

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One thought on “Doc’s Goodies: July 4th Edition

  1. Brooklyn, surely. It’s adaerly apparent that the Nets will field a team, run by competent management, rather than a petulant fool’s mixmatched collection of overpriced baubles. Winning for new owner Prokhorov means, well, a championship. Prokhorov wants wins, he wants respect, and he wants results. Billy King will now field a competitive squad that may accomplish what Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, and Jason Richardson could not a decade ago, in the finest and coolest arena in the country, a mere 15 minute stroll from some of the trendiest and surprisingly accessible neighborhoods in the city. Winning for James Dolan who has admirably steered the once-proud Knickerbockers into the minefield of overpriced stars, uninsurable contracts, foolish meddling, media inaccessibility and snippiness, a culture of costly sexual harassment, and a brazen disgust of the feelings of diehard fans has always been about filling the seats and raising ticket prices. Results don’t matter. Wins don’t matter. The Knicks won’t fail to fill the seats and line Dolan’s fat greasy pockets regardless of the aging offal on the the court, so why should he care?

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