Deep Giants Stomp Out Panthers 36-7

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I said it here back in week one when the Giants lost to the Cowboys in the opening game of the season. The “humble-pie” experience made them better and more focused.
I had a feeling the Giants would win when the pre-game announcer all picked the Panthers. When you’ve got this team against the wall, they fight back. They need adversity to focus. If they really do get it together soon, they might be in trouble later in the season, because they need to peak at the right time. That being at playoff time.
But regardless, tonight the Giants showed why they are the champions. They dominated in time possession 36 to 24 minutes, ran the ball well, controlled both lines of scrimmage and won the turnover battle. They played just as well as they did in the Super Bowl, dominating the Carolina Panthers 36-7.
The offense impressed as usual, but what was eye-opening was the Giants defensive pressure placed on Cam Newton. From their first snap, the Giants front line pressured him up the middle and that seemed to rattle the entire offense. They thoroughly confused Newton, making him look like a rookie, and turning him into a fig newton they had for dessert.
JPP, Tuck and even the invisible man, Osi Umenyiora got in on the action for the first time this season, and all the cries of “where is the Giants vaunted pass rush” were quashed. Classic Giants defense.
On offense, “next man up” was the catchphrase offered before the game, and so it was. Ramses Barden filled in for Hakeem Nicks, and caught the same amount of balls, (9) in one game as he caught all of last season. Andre Brown filled in for Ahmad Bradshaw and rushed for over 100 yards, and the Giant offensive line dominated, allowing Eli Manning to have another field day, playing pitch and catch with Barden, Tight End Martellus Bennett and Victor Cruz, who was initially double-covered, allowing the other receivers more room to operate.
What’s interesting is that during the game, the TV announcers, Brad Nessler and Mike Mayock were discussing their opinion of who they thought were the best team in the league this season. They decided it was San Francisco, and the Giants weren’t even mentioned, despite the fact that the reigning champions were playing right in front of Nessler and Mayock. It was a moment of surrealism that served to illustrate how the Giants are perceived in the media, as “lucky” and “overrated”.
Sure the Giants have weaknesses, mainly because of injury, but I think tonight they showed how deep their talent is. An impressive depth that will serve them well as long as they keep their heads.
If you’re a Giant hater, you’ve got to be muttering to yourself, “I hate those guys”, and seethe with jealousy. If you’re a Giant fan though, you have to hope they don’t peak too soon, as they did in 2008 after the 2007 super bowl win, when they collapsed late in the season. They need to have their backs against the wall. It should be interesting either way.
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