TARNATION! Sports T-Shirt Contest on LockerDome

Now that we’ve built a brand new TARNATION! Sports page on the great social networking site, LockerDome, we’re celebrating by hosting a contest on the site, giving away a t-shirt of your choice!

You can enter the contest in the widget to the right of this post. Just enter in your information and enter the contest. It’s that easy! LockerDome handles the rest.

TARNATION! Sports LockerDome

We love LockerDome because it’s a unique social networking platform that focuses on sports. Not only sports, they also have other topics you can get into, like politics, music, food, travel, humor, tech, business, men’s style and fashion, photography, science, startups and other interests. READ MORE

Steve Somers “Schmoozing” Sports T-Shirts

He has been known as “Captain Midnight”, “The Fearless Forecaster”, and more recently, and famously, “The Schmoozer”. Now Sports T-Shirt Company, TARNATION! Sports is immortalizing New York S-P-O-R-T-S radio legend Steve Somers by releasing the only “Schmoozing” t-shirt and hoodie in existence, to go on sale online at 9:00 am on Monday March 10th, exclusively at the TARNATION! Sports website. Those who know from schmoozing however, can preorder through the website starting today.

schmoozing sports t shirts black

The shirts feature the likeness of the iconic talk show host against the New York skyline with the words, “Schmoozing with Steve Somers” emblazoned beneath his glorious visage.

What, you don’t know from visage? Get yourself a dictionary already!

We Are Family Throwback Sports T Shirts

Same old Pirates? NO! The Pittsburgh Pirates are back in the playoffs after 21 years of futility. They made the playoffs this year with a strong season where they were never more than four games out of first place. They never had a losing month, and this is their first winning season in those 21 years of disappointment.

Incidentally, or perhaps, prophetically, Roberto Clemente’s number was 21.

We Are Family sports t shirts

And now the Pirates have a chance to repeat their championship of 1979. Even though it’s a bit far off from round one of the playoffs, we’re hoping these throwback sports t-shirts from the “We are family” days will bring the Pirates luck. But do they even need it?

TARNATION! Sports Radio Podcast Episode 5

Is Yu Darvish the best pitcher in baseball? Or is it Scherzer? Kershaw? Harvey?

Paul and Doc discuss this in depth. What is it about Darvish that makes him special? Tune in below right now by clicking on the podcast below.

yu sports t shirts

Fancy Football?

What’s this I keep hearing about Fancy Football? Everyone seems to be playing it. There are even sports t-shirts dedicated to it.
Supposedly you can pick different players from different teams and create your own “fancy football team”. It seems like a real trend, but I’m a bit lost here. I thought football was anything but fancy. I mean, you’ve got guys knocking heads together, trying to hit each other as hard as they can. Far from “fancy” I’d say.
Do “fancy football” players wear dresses? Is it like the lingerie football league, where women dressed in lingerie knock heads together? If so, I might be interested, but then again, seeing men in lingerie might not be my “cup of tea”.