Big News: Mike And Mike Overreact

Photo: Mvrosco

So says that Mike and Mike from ESPN radio are making a big deal about Chad Ochocinco tweeting this …

@nflcommish Dad… I love u but I will be a problem this year.. all fine money this year can be collected from @MiamiDolphins #management”

The tweet is typical Chad. He calls Goodell “Dad” and always has a great sense of humor, so Mike and Mike need to make this a news item? Slow news day, huh? I’m with Chad here. I like the M&M guys but they are seriously fishing for news here. I call “conspiracy”! Think they want to get a reaction from Chad? They knew Chad would tweet back at them, so now making a story out of nothing, they generate another story out of nothing, and suddenly they’re talking all week about Chad and how they are dissing each other…Big news! Believe that and I will sell you the Brooklyn Nets. 🙂

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