Best And Worst Of The NFL Draft

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Well the NFL draft is upon us and I thought I’d throw in my two cents before it ends.

We’ll get to the Cowboys in a moment, but I really like what NFC West teams, the St. Louis Rams and San Fransisco 49ers are doing.

Tavon Austin, WR of West Virginia and Alec Ogletree, ILB of Georgia in the first round. Wow, two excellent players that will make an immediate impact on both sides of the ball. They follow that up with T.J. McDonald, Safety out of USC, Stedman Bailey, another WR out of West Virginia (and teammate of Tavon Austin), followed by Barrett Jones, OC of Alabama. All great picks. Kudos to that staff for a great draft, though you can never tell until a couple of years down the road.

I really like Ogletree at #30, and Tavon Austin is nothing short of a weapon and brings you back to the days of Torry Holt and the greatest show on turf. In Bailey, the Rams get an excellent route runner who always seems to separate in space. Sam Bradford is at his best when he can deliver the ball underneath and let his receivers do the work, and Bailey is another talent who will allow him to do just that.

Greatest show on turf part two? Well, they will need a few more pieces to do that, but they’re off to an interesting start.

Meanwhile, the 49ers just took Marcus Lattimore in the fourth round, the running back from South Carolina, who tore his knee up twice in College and will have plenty of time to get back to full strength behind Frank Gore, who himself suffered knee injuries. Gore can be a great teacher for Lattimore, who is a perfect fit for the 49ers, who prefer straight ahead runners anyway, unlike a team such as the Cardinals, who prefer guys with great lateral quickness.

The Niners started off with Eric Reid at Safety and Cornellius Carradine at DE in the first and second rounds respectively. Those are two solid picks that I really like. Talk about weapons…Carradine can play Linebacker and DE and switch around on that already top San Fransisco defense. He’s solid vs. the run and rush the passser as well, and in Reid they got Dashon Goldson’s replacement. Brilliant.

Then in the third round, they pick up Corey Lemonier, the linebacker from Auburn. Just look at what the National Football Post wrote about him…“The addition of a quality player such as Lemonier this late in the draft is stunning. Lemonier is not a polished player against the run, but he is highly competitive and one of the most innately explosive pass rushers in the draft. The 49ers are clearly one of the big winners today after scoring two pass-rushing talents with first-round grades.”

Jeez, the team was just in the Super Bowl. Now they’re gonna get even better!

Other thoughts I am having:

How did Michigan’s Denard Robinson last till the fifth round??? The Jaguars got themselves a great player at Running back/WR there, and he can do the wildcat too!

The NY Jets remain a back page story in New York newspapers by taking Geno Smith at QB, and once again are a soap opera. What will the Jets do with Sanchez now? And what about Tebow, reportedly improved, and looking much better than last season at QB?

Then the NY Giants make their back page news move by trading up to get QB Ryan Nassib in the fourth round to back up Eli Manning. The Giants almost never trade up to get anyone, so they must really love the guy. Outside of his throwing motion, what’s not to like? He’s even from Giant coach Tom Coughlin’s alma mater, Syracuse. he’ll have three to four years to learn how to throw behind Eli. What a luxury! Like Lattimore in SF, I like this pick for the same reason. The right place at the right time.

Now on the ugly side, what happened to “America’s team”, the Dallas Cowboys? Is Jerry Jones picking the players himself? The team picked for strength, as in, “let’s pick players at our strongest positions.”

They picked Gavin Escobar of San Diego State int he second round when they have Jason Witten at Tight End. Then they draft Terrance Williams, WR out of Bayor in the third round. First of all, Dallas’ best players at arguably at WR, secondly, unless they plan to use him like the vikings used Randy Moss when he first came up, (running straight down the field and beating ’em with speed), he’s not a good route runner.

In the third round, they pick J.J. Wilcox from Georgia Southern at safety. Another questionable pick. Scouts said Wilcox (6-0, 213 pounds) isn’t very good in deep coverage but does a nice job of getting near the line of scrimmage to make plays in the run game. Wilcox played wide receiver in high school and as late as 2012. It’s that ability to play offense that gives the Cowboys some hope he’ll do a nice job of finding the ball and reading quarterbacks and wide receiver routes.

I think the pic says it all.

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