Batman And Robin Strike Again!

Breaking Chad Football T Shirts
Breaking Chad Football T Shirts

Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver, Chad Johnson was arrested tonight in Davie, Florida for allegedly head-butting his wife during an argument in his car. When Police arrived, they found a laceration on his wife Evelyn’s face, and promptly arrested the Dolphin player.
The argument seems to have started when Evelyn found a receipt for a box of condoms. Johnson reportedly leaned forward and head-butted his wife, who was transported to Westside Regional Hospital.
What’s interesting is that we created our “Breaking Chad” Football T Shirts design a few weeks ago. Are we becoming prophetic? I guess the way things are in the NFL now, it’s not surprising.
Chad was being prophetic when he said “I’m getting arrested” on Hard Knocks.
All kidding aside, we hope that Chad and Eve can resolve this in private, and that it never happens again. Hopefully, Chad’s action tonight won’t also result in his getting cut from the Dolphins.
Meanwhile, the other half of the “Batman And Robin” team of 2010, Terrell Owens, is impressing in Seattle. He was signed recently by the Seahawks and by all reports, seems to be in great shape, running a 4.5 40, and looking great in camp. I think it’s a no-lose signing, because it’s a one-year deal. If T.O. does anything to cause any trouble, the team can cut him without penalty and say, “Oh well, we gave it a shot.” But if he works out, they’ve got a really good player who can teach their other wideouts a thing or two. Hopefully, what he’ll teach won’t include, “Just give me the ball.” Meanwhile, he’s punking his teammates.


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