As Usual, The Knicks Guessed Wrong

As a Knick fan who’s sick of the current regime, I am quite happy to watch us get beat up, night after night, by players we should never have let go. Wilson Chandler, whom we let go, just hype-dunked on us. Gallinari and the guys we traded for Melo–a trade that my friends will recall me bemoaning–have turned the Nuggets into a good team, a team that’s outplayed us since the trade, while Melo has shown flashes of excitement between long stretches of regressing to his narcissistic, coach-killing, team-killing ways. He quit on D’Antoni and ran Lin out of town.

The Knick insistence on getting rid of promising, hustling, athletic young talent goes back to the days they got rid of Lee (I railed against them letting him go, before it happened…I have ranting emails to prove it) and Crawford (ditto). Not only am I not a ‘Melo fan, but I am happy to say “I toldja so” on this one…the Knicks have gotten what they’ve asked for, and what they deserve, and I hope the Nuggets and Rockets and Warriors (coached by Mark Jackson, in a bit of poetic justice) continue to blow us out every time they see us. Jamal Crawford, David Lee, Jeremy Lin, Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton (we got him back basically by accident)…we just keep giving up promising young talent, and keep putting together patchwork nonentities with no contemplation of overall chemistry and approach. I knew Melo wold blow up in our faces.

I just heard Melo and Iman Shumpert–we’ll prolly get rid of him too, because he’s young and athletic and hustles and plays defense and doesn’t quit on games–arguing tonight during a free throw. The whole of a team doesn’t equal its sum, and just because a player is an elite scorer doesn’t mean he’s an asset to a team. Ask the Nuggets, Rockets or Warriors.


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